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New branch synopsis

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Welcome one, welcome all.

Hello everyone and welcome to my thread about the new branch. It is only a synpsis as details have yet to be decided. I would like to thank k9 nova and tyrylius for their effort to get this fully planned and ready to go!

How this idea came to pass

There is a very big gap in the market for hotels. With the two major hotels, Visvia and Le ritz closing down we must cease this opertunity and act quickly as it may never come around again. However, Verum, Always thinking big, propeses some thing much better, much larger, something that has only been notably tried once before, a hotel chain...

A hotel chain?

Whilst we are on the subject of closures leaving a huge gap in the market, with swan resorts no longer being with us and no-one daring to attemp to try the radical idea, it is up to us, the staff and customers of Verum to bring back to runescape what it rightfully deserves. A chain of Luxury hotels, wich consistant menues, rooms and prices. One hotel is just not enough for the people of runescape, only a chain...

How would this chain work?

The concept is basicaly tha same as swan resorts - One main hotel and lots of other hotels and all of the hotels secive staff and advertisment. However, what swan resorts and it's mangers failed to do was keep it consistant. Some hotels chared substantial rates for food and rooms, while others were free. We will keep all our hotels consistant so that we may co-operate better.


The most used word in this not so brief synopsis is Consistancy - It is the most important word and the thing that will keep us from falling flat on our faces, the thing that swan resorts and Philip J lockie failed to do. A bunch of hotels offering a variety of services at different rates and qualities is how swan wanted their business - lots of variety and freedom for their branches. However, we want our hotels to follow the same line, so that all of our branches can provide the same outstanding service throughout.

A list of what will be consistant and what it will be

There are lots of things that need to be kept consistant, from prices to furnature we will make sure our branches can provide for our guests.

Here is a full list of what we will be keeping consistant:

Room grades - Penthouse, luxury, standared, economy.

Prices for rooms - Penthouse - 2.5k. luxury - 2k. Standared - 1k. Economy 500.

Menue - See menue

Furnature in rooms - We will be providing funds so that our Luxury rooms really are luxy and have the same furnature throughout.

Staff roles - Manager, waitor, receptionist, bar tender, etc, etc.

Facilities - Bar, cafe, hotel, b&b, etc.

Services - Games, entertainment, etc.

Who would run it?

At the moment the manager will be Jacky B. He will make the thread, oversee development of our project and run it when it is fully operational. Although some other staff members said they will help there is nothing set in stone at this time.

The menue

We will have the same menue for all of our branches, to ensure the quality and class of the food provided. The Menue is not fully planned, but it will probably look a bit like this:


Herring With roast potatoes - A fine fishy dish served with potatoes it will fit even the most demanding critics expectations.

Grilled tuna - Only the finest tuna makes it's way into our kitchen. Freshly cought by master fishers out at see this is a taste senation for all fish lovers.

Assorted Fish platter - Salmon, trour, tuna and swordfish, all of these delicious fish are cooked to perfection and served up with a side of stilton cheese all in one dish.

Assorted mean platter - Meat comes in lots of forms, shapes and sizes. Bulky bear meat, cheeky chicken and weired wagtail. All of these are served with a side of chili sauce and a complimentary glass of milk.


Prawn and "scampi" - Fine king prawns, served with a cool and refreshing dip acompnaied by the un-mistakeable taste of skampi. A dish fit for a king.

Mushroom platter - Mushrooms are an exotic food that only a master chef can prepare properly. Baked and marinaded our mushrooms from far away swamps are perfect for anyone in a dangerous mood.

Stuffed quail - Cought and killed humainly this bird is stuffed and seasoned ready to be gorged upon by our guests.

Spicey chiken - For those of you that like a bit of exitement we have sproosed up this traditional dish of chiken, potatoes and vegatables by covering it in chili power! Warning: only order this dish if you can handle it.

Seasonal sturgen - Sturgen is a tricky fish to catch and an even tricker fish to cook. We have brought you one of the finest fishes, served with a variety of summer ingreadients, such as melon and strawberried for you to taste.

That is only 1/4th of the menue.

More information will be added at a later time.

To discuss or give feedback about this thread please go HERE

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