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Before using any services provided by Verum Corporation it is highly advised that you read the entire content of this message as by using a service provided by Verum Corporation you agree to the following terms and conditions in full.

We would like to make it clear that access to these terms and conditions is universal and that it is clearly mentioned on our corporate thread that you may request information about these terms and conditions by asking a member off staff in-game.

The term Verum refers to the Runescape business Verum Corporation and all of it's branches and annexed companies.

The term you refers to you, the reader, as a Verum corporation customer.

1) Verum corporation is in no way responsible or liable for any of our employees actions, regardless of their position or status as a Verum representative; nor do our employees views represent the views of Verum as a whole or it's management team.

2) We do in no way guarantee that any orders or requests will be completed on time or at all. Verum corporation is not accountable for any late or incomplete orders; the respective branch or annexed company is responsibly for these matters.

3) When you exchange coins or any other form of payment for a service provided by Verum the respective branch or annexed company does not have the authority to issue a refund under any circumstances; the Communications VP and the Executive VP are the only people with sufficient authority to issue refunds.

4) The management of Verum corporation and it's branches and annexed companies may cancel orders at any time without prior notice or warning and does not need to give an explanation as to why we have cancelled an order.

5) The president of Verum Corporation reserves the right to override any decision (within reason) taken by any single person or groups of persons that effect Verum corporation or it's branches and annexed companies directly.

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