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Verum Wc and fleching

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1Verum Wc and fleching Empty Verum Wc and fleching on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:19 pm

°l||l°We are currently OPEN to all orders°l||l°
°l||l°We are currently OPEN to all crew applications°l||l°

Thread status: Under construction.

°l||l°Clan Chat°l||l°


°l||l°Ban List (all bans are permanent)°l||l°



Hello, and welcome to the official Verum Woodcutting and Fletching thread! You have set your eyes on one of the greatest woodcutting and fletching threads in B&S! Here you get all of the wooden supplies you need, for discounted prices! Speedy service and great prices are what we do. So when you need quality wood products for a low price, this is where to turn.

Here, all workers make their income by productivity. Their pay comes from the customers who's orders they complete, plus a flat rate of 25k per week for active workers.

„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸ „›•*A branch of
„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”Verum corporation
„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“””*•‹„¸¸„›•*“Co-operation, dedication, success.
„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“”*•‹„¸¸„›•*“” Verum Main thread


General rules:

1. No spamming or flaming.
2. No off topic discussion.
3. No copying any part of this thread.
4. All JaGeX rules apply.


Customer rules:

1. Respect your worker(s).
2. On the application where it says "Did you read the rules" put "bananas".
3. All general rules apply.


Crew rules:

1. Respect your customer(s)
2. On the application where it says "Did you read the rules" put "bananas".
3. All general rules apply.
4. In order to receive your 25k per week, you must bump the thread at least once each day in the week unless on leave.


°l||l°Customer and Staff Applications°l||l°

Now that you have read and fully understand the rules, it's time to apply! Before applying, be sure to check if we are open to applications.

°l||l°Crew Application°l||l°

Did you read the rules?
Which department would you like to be placed in (woodcutting or fletching)?
Level in skill listed above:
What hatchet do you use (if in woodcutting department)?
What is your smithing level (if in fletching department)?
Signed - X___________


°l||l°Customer Application°l||l°

Did you read the rules?
What item(s) would you like to buy?
How many of each?
Would you like a specific worker for your order? If so, who?
In how long would you like this order done?
Signed - X___________


All prices in gp.


Regular Logs
Price: 50

Achey Logs
Price: 200

Oak Logs
Price: 40

Willow Logs
Price: 8

Teak Logs
Price: 60

Maple Logs
Price: 45

Mahogany Logs
Price: 460

Eucalyptus Logs
Price: 360

Yew Logs
Price: 430

Magic Logs
Price: 1340


°l||l°Shortows (strung)°l||l°

Price: 50

Oak Shortbow
Price: 30

Willow Shortbow
Price: 75

Maple Shortbow
Price: 310

Yew Shortbow
Price: 405

Magic Shortbow
Price: 850


°l||l°Longbows (strung)°l||l°

Price: 20

Oak Longbow
Price: 95

Willow Longbow
Price: 115

Maple Longbow
Price: 310

Yew longbow
Price: 670

Magic Logs
Price: 1410



Bronze Arrowtips
Price: 10

Iron Arrowtips
Price: 15

Steel Arrowtips
Price: 30

Mithril Arrowtips
Price: 60

Adamant Arrowtips
Price: 155

Rune Arrowtips
Price: 455



Arrow Shafts
Price: 5

Headless Arrow
Price: 25

Bow Strings
Price: 160



If you order your logs or bows from us, you may qualify for a discount! Here are the discounts you are offered:

Returning customer discount: 5% off total purchase.

5x returning customer discount: 15% off total purchase.

10x+ returning customer discount: 35% off total purchase.

1000 item purchase: 10% off total.

5000+ item purchase: 30% off total.

Order not done on time? 5% discount.


°l||l°Discount policy for workers°l||l°

I will personally repay each worker exactly how much they lost in cash as a result of discounts, except when the discount is for the order being late.

°l||l°Staff List°l||l°


Owner: givemejunk66
Head of Fletching Department: Jacky B
Head of Woodcutting Department: Jeremii x3
Thread Creator: Erik J Gamm


°l||l°Fletching Department°l||l°

Master Fletchers (levels 80+):

Lazerazer (fletching level 88, smithing level 41)
Kyle Katar15 (fletching level 98, smithing level 55)
U R A VVhore (fletching level 99, smithing level 62)
Derranged112 (fletching level 83, smithing level 29)

Apprentice Fletchers (levels 40-79):

Jacky B (level 77)
PUR3 KH405 (fletching level 56, smithing level 60

Novice Fletchers (levels 1-39):



°l||l°Woodcutting Department°l||l°

Master Woodcutters (levels 80+):

U R A VVhore (level 83)
wtf its a q (level 93)

Apprentice Woodcutters (levels 40-79):

Jeremii x3 (level 78)
Kyle Katar15 (level 64)
Derranged112 (level 71)
Bolto110 (level 62)
PUR3 KH405 (level 65)

Novice Woodcutters (levels 1-39):



°l||l°Customer Appreciation Quotes°l||l°

Our customers are almost always satisfied by the service here. Some of them even go as far as to leave a quote!

Would you like to add a quote?
Fill this out:

Name -
Quote -


1/22/11 - After hours of planning and discussing, Verum Woodcutting and Fletching is created by givemejunk66
1/22/11 - Verum Wc/Fletching opens to crew applications
1/23/11 - Jeremii x3 is hired as first woodcutter
1/24/11 - Lazerazer is hired as first fletcher
1/25/11 - Verum Wc/Fletching opens to orders


1st order - Kyle Katar15, 6k magic logs
10th order -
1st completed order -
10th completed order -
1st staff member - Jeremii x3
1st post (other than me) - Bolto100
100th post -
200th post -
300th post -
400th post -
500th post -
600th post -
700th post -
800th post -
900th post -
1000th post -
1100th post -
1200th post -
1300th post -
1400th post -
1500th post -
1600th post -
1700th post -
1800th post -
1900th post -
2000th post (hopefully ) -

°l||l°Staff Awards/Rewards System°l||l°

We greatly encourage staff activity here, so we have created a award/reward system to help! Our staff can be rewarded points (merits) for everything from advertising to completing orders to bumping the thread regularly! For our staff, this is a way to get extra pay; at the end of each month the staff can trade as many of these merits as they want for cold, hard, cash or save them up as long as they want for even more money. Below is the list of staff and the number of merits they have.

Above was the description of the rewards system. Below is what the awards system does for our staff.

So now that you've read how to get rewarded, it looks pretty good, huh? Well there's even more! Staff here are given awards for things like activity and productivity. These awards can include overall employee of the month, most productive woodcutter/fletcher in a given week or month, and highest overall activity in the month. What staffers get for winning these awards are extra merits (see above for more information), and for each weekly laurel, the recipient receives an extra 20k, and for each monthly prize they receive an extra 50k.



Name -
Number of merits:

Name - Jeremii x3
Number of merits: 0

Name - Lazerazer
Number of Merits: 0



Employee of the month (activity and productivity):
Merits awarded: 20000

Most active employee of the month:
Merits awarded: 10000

Woodcutter of the week:
Merits awarded: 5000

Woodcutter of the month:
Merits awarded: 15000

Fletcher of the week:
Merits Awarded: 5000

Fletcher of the month:
Merits awarded: 15000


°l||l°Waiting List°l||l°

Current orders:

Customer name: Kyle Katar15
Item ordered: Magic logs
Quantity: 6k
Number completed: 0
Worker(s) on the job: any

Customer name: D3vast4te
Item ordered: Bow string
Quantity: 3k
Number completed: 0
Worker(s) on the job: Don't mind

Completed orders:

Customer name:
Item ordered:
Worker(s) that completed the order:

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2Verum Wc and fleching Empty on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:50 pm



Moved and stickied Smile

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3Verum Wc and fleching Empty Re: Verum Wc and fleching on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:52 pm

ok ill fill out l8tter

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4Verum Wc and fleching Empty on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:59 pm



I already did it for you Razz

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5Verum Wc and fleching Empty ike it on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:05 pm

wait u can edit my stuff

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6Verum Wc and fleching Empty Re: Verum Wc and fleching on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:07 pm



Jea, like J mods can edit your stuff on runescape, I can edit, delete and move yours up and down in the thread.

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7Verum Wc and fleching Empty reply on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:20 pm

cool what can i do as mod

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8Verum Wc and fleching Empty Re: Verum Wc and fleching on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:23 pm



Delete posts and at the bottom it should say "you can moderate these forums" click it to lock, move, split and delete threads.

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9Verum Wc and fleching Empty ok ty on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:29 pm


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10Verum Wc and fleching Empty Re: Verum Wc and fleching on Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:49 pm

hey we have a new thread in fleching area erik u need to watch tht for orders to post on the other thread

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